The right fit for your goals

Who we work with

The first step is determining if Create Wealth Financial Planning is the right fit for your needs. While every one of our clients has their own unique goals, aspirations, and challenges, they will typically exhibit some of the following characteristics:

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Gen X or Y

Somewhere in Gen X or Gen Y (25 - 50 years old). You may have a young family you are planning for.
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Career Growth

Working your way up in your career, with some income now to start putting towards your financial goals.
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Working through Debt

You may have student loans or other debt you are working through.
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Small Business Owners

Tax and retirement savings strategies to allow small business owners to plan for the future while growing their business.

If any of these describe you, schedule a quick introduction at no cost to allow us to learn more about each other.

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Getting started

Client discovery process

This is where we get to know you and understand your unique situation. We also cover the basics like: How much time is involved? What information will I need to share? And how much does a financial plan cost?


Get To Know You

This is your opportunity to share with us your greatest financial concerns and what you hope to accomplish with your financial plan. We will address any questions and discuss how we are different from financial professionals you may have worked with in the past. There is no cost for this part of the process.


Discovery Meeting

Now that you’ve had some time to think about our get to know you call, we will address any questions that came up from that conversation to ensure you are comfortable moving forward and working together. We’ll spend the rest of the meeting “discovering” the key goals and dreams you have for you and your family that your customized financial plan will work to address.


Get Organized

Once we’ve signed on to work together we will begin gathering your financial data. The Get Organized meeting is there for both of us to review your data together, answer any questions, and confirm the inputs of her financial plan.


Get Direction

Finally, it’s time to review all the outputs of your financial plan, the recommended actions, and how those actions will impact progress towards your goals. There’s a lot to discuss here, this usually is spread over the course of two meetings.

Next steps

Ongoing Financial Planning

Once you have your financial plan in hand you’ve got a lot to do, but you’re not alone. Ongoing financial planning involves the implementation of recommended actions, regular meetings to monitor your financial plan, updates to your plan as things change and, if desired, management of your investment assets.

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Your investment

Financial Planning Fees

Initial Plan

Upfront cost will vary based on your unique situation but typically ranges from $1,250 - $3,000.

Ongoing Financial Planning

$200/month for families with between $0 - $282,000 of investments managed directly by Create Wealth Financial Planning OR 0.85% of investments managed by Create Wealth Financial Planning if your investment balances are over $282,000.

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