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A fee-only fiduciary financial planner committed to always working in your best interest.
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Getting the most out of every dollar and creating your lasting impact

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Comprehensive Planning

A complete financial plan unique to you that sets the stage for achieving both short term goals and long term success.
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Ongoing Planning and Investment Management

Align your investments accounts with their purpose and manage  risk. Routine review to monitor and update as life happens.
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Student Loan Planning

Feeling the stress of your loans and confused by IDR, PSLF, PAYE, REPAYE, etc.? Understand your options and tackle your debt.
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Our purpose

Making financial planning accessible to everyone, earlier in life, to create the greatest impact.

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A clear, understandable plan

Helping you achieve the life you want

Too many people wait too long to find a financial planner because they either:

  • Don’t think they have enough money to hire one (for many traditional investment advisors, this may unfortunately be true!)
  • Are unsure where to find an advisor that they can trust
  • Feel overwhelmed with work, family and the other responsibilities of life, and don’t know where to start

As a fee-only advisor, Create Wealth Financial Planning was established to help with the financial plan of your dreams.

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Who we work with

While every one of our clients has their own unique goals, aspirations, and challenges, they will typically exhibit some of the following characteristics:

  • Somewhere in Gen X or Gen Y (25 - 50 years old)
  • You may have a young family you are planning for
  • Working your way up in your career, with some income now to start putting towards your financial goals
  • You may have student loans or other debt
  • You may have a nice nest egg started or you might only have a few hundred dollars to invest, making it difficult to find an advisor willing to give personalized advice
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Independent, objective, fee-only, and dedicated to acting in your best interest.

Meet your advisor

Jeff McDermott

CEO/Founder, CFP®, CSLP®

My career helping individual investors began in 2003. I always had a vision for a firm dedicated to helping people become financially independent, not just helping those who are already there. In 2020 I founded Create Wealth Financial Planning to help the individuals and families I work with make positive financial decisions while they still have time to make a dramatic impact.  

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